Kate-McEnroeKate McEnroe formed her consulting company in 1993 in Chicago, and then relocated the business to Atlanta in 1994. From the start, Kate’s intention has been to keep the business small so that she can personally deliver the services she sells. Kate’s focus has been on corporate site selection assignments with expertise in labor-sensitive projects. She often monitors and evaluates her clients’ entire portfolio of locations with an eye toward determining the best opportunities to implement expansion and consolidation strategies. Kate also works with economic development organizations helping them refine their understanding of and presentation of workforce information and on optimizing their marketing efforts.

Prior to Kate McEnroe Consulting, Kate was vice president and principal with Fantus, the company that founded the field of location consulting. While at Fantus, she conducted corporate site selection studies and economic development projects in both New Jersey and Chicago. At the time, the norm was for location consultants to remain at arm’s length from the real estate transaction for the purposes of objectivity and that is the business model that Kate continues with today.

Kate is a Midwesterner, raised in Chicago and suburban Detroit, where her family still lives. She and her husband live in Atlanta, but enjoy downtown living in Chicago. She enjoys reading, quilting and a car-free lifestyle.

Kate attended Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she earned a business administration degree in economics and business. She then moved east to earn her masters of business administration at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in Philadelphia.